Aura Mysts
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Letting Go
Kauai holy waters, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Sweet Lime Italian Lemon, Red Mandarin and Ruby Grapefruit with rose geranium hydrosol, master blend of pearl, ruby, moonstone, silver, lima bean, Herkimer diamond and charged gemstones for release... creates a surrender while assisting in removing obstacles from your chosen path; diffuses control while gently helping the user release feelings of pain, anger, shame and guilt. Activates & assists in the balance of Heart & Throat Chakra points 2 oz

Sacred Space
Kauai holy waters, rose geranium hydrosol, infused vintage rose oil, Tunisian Frankincense, Brazilian Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Indonesian Patchouli & Ylang-Ylang, with a master essence blend of emerald, thyme, bougainvillea & heliconia, fire opals, amethyst, rose quartz and charged gemstones... creates a purity in nature for initiations, work and sacred creations....invokes an aura of safety in the natural flow of things. 2 oz

Chakra Rising Aura Myst
Bulgarian rose, myrrh, frankincense, atlas cedarwood, Vanuatu sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, essences of canavalia, lime, pakalana, diamond, optical calcite with charged sapphire, sunstone & moonstone… this blend of high frequency essential oils aids in meditation, quieting the mind, creating energy, aligning & transcending the chakras...centered and grounded in peace and love as well as anchoring us to the foundation that is earth. 2 oz.

Blue Moon Sacred Sage
Sacred Sage - Kauai holy waters, essential oils of organic white and desert sage, juniper & cedar, rue, flower and gem essences of African tulip, Selenite and silver with charged moonstone, quartz, amethyst and dried sage leaf... Sacred smoke blessing or smudging has been a part of Native American tradition for thousands of years. Sage is used for the purification of the body and material objects as well as vibrational imbalances or negativity in aura & environment. This smokeless smudge is a powerful cleansing tool for your home yourself or your office. Intentionally formulated to heal and bless spaces, beings and items with positive energy. 2 oz

Shakti Tantra Aura Myst Myst
Kauai holy waters, Cinnamon Bark hydrosol, Blood Orange, Vanilla CO2, Tonka bean, cardamom, hazelnut essence, Sumatran Patchouli, hibiscus, lehua & lotus essences and charged crystals ……Tantra is the path to the awakening of the male and female aspects within each of us, Shiva and Shakti… to see the universe as one pulsing life force. Beginning at the base of the spine, we get in touch with the raw, primal energy: Kundalini in its purest state rising through each Chakra in turn. 2 oz.

Samadhi Aura Myst
Kauai holy waters, lemongrass, spikenard, davana, east Indian sandalwood, cardamom, ginger root co2, tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle, clove bud & pink peppercorn, essence of angels trumpet & ayahuaska vine with charged crystals… An ancient blend inspired by the herbal scents used by the yogis of South India. Samadhi means "the inexpressible pure bliss of union with the Divine". This aroma blend can guide you inward, bringing a deeper clarity and focus when meditating, doing yoga or when working. These positive vibrations actually enable all good things to happen around us. Kissed by the Moon...It will open your inner eye and gladden your heart 2 oz.

Fairie Myst
To attract and please the Fairie folk... this magickal mist is a blend of the soothing oils of Kashmir lavender & blood orange with borage for courage,
 & wildflowers for vision and a clear crystal for power... a great gift for souls of all ages. 4 oz.

Inner Om Myst
Nag Champa blend, gold, turquoise, silver, lotus, amethyst and rosemary essences, nutmeg, cinnamon and citrine & quartz gemstones…Oneness… all that is or ever will be...stimulates your higher vision...illuminates and enlightens, inspires, uplifts…promotes healing on all levels…connects the mind and heart in a circle of light…promotes the incarnation of enlightenment in our bodies on earth. 2 oz.

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